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Bitcoin​ ​Group​ ​SE:​ ​Ethereum​ ​trading​ ​started​ ​on​ ​

Herford, November 24, 2017 – Bitcoin Group SE (ISIN ​DE000A1TNV91) is expanding its offering with the commencement of the trading on Ethereum (ETH) on after the successful completion of the beta phase. is the only regulated cryptocurrency market place in Germany and a 100 percent subsidiary of Bitcoin Group SE. By taking up the trading of the currency, the Group is responding to the high demand for cryptocurrencies in general and Ethereum in particular. This step reflects, above all, the dynamic price development of Ethereum. Since the beginning of the year, the price has risen by more than 3,000 percent and currently​ ​stands​ ​at​ ​around​ ​340​ ​euros​ ​per​ ​unit.

With a market capitalisation of currently more than 39 billion US dollars, Ethereum is the world's number 2 crypto-currency next to Bitcoin. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum uses an alternative type of blockchain technology. The underlying computer protocols, so-called Smart Contracts, ensure that Ethereum is easier and quicker to process. This characteristic makes Ethereum particularly interesting for the use of transactions between companies. According to the newly formed Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, with the inclusion of Hewlett Packard, more than 200 companies have joined the organization until October 2017. By contrast, Bitcoin is valued more as a payment​ ​platform,​ ​primarily​ ​in​ ​the​ ​retail​ ​sector.

"Besides Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum has the greatest acceptance among investors. Therefore, it is only logical for us that we now offer customers the opportunity to buy and sell Ethereum on our established trading platform in an uncomplicated and safe way. Over the next few months, we want to gradually add more crypto currencies to the trading against the euro. Furthermore, we plan to offer the trading of cryptocurrencies against cryptocurrencies. The triumph of cryptocurrencies seems unstoppable. Even IMF Director Christine Lagarde said at the recent Bank of England conference that she could imagine crypto-currencies replacing national currencies in states with weak institutions," says Michael Nowak, Managing Director of Bitcoin​ ​Group​ ​SE.



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